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Serving the Northern Illinois area for over 19 years, Chicago-based Procom is a leader in custom electronic systems. Procom specializes in intelligent control technologies such as lighting control systems, digital security and surveillance systems, audio/video distribution, burglary and fire alarm systems, energy-saving HVAC solutions, home theaters, and other home and business automation and information systems.

We offer tailored, integrated solutions for not only homeowners and business owners but architects, interior designers, and developers alike. We know one-size-does-NOT-fit all. That’s why we sit down personally with each client and develop a solution that fits their individual needs and budget.

What Makes Procom Group Different?

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both Procom offers services and solutions to support the smallest home project to the largest business opportunity.

Personalized Consultation

Procom recognizes that the needs and priorities of both homeowners and business owners are highly diverse and encompass a broad range of issues. Therefore, we believe in sitting down individually with our customers to develop a solution that addresses their unique goals and budget.

From conception to completion, regardless of whether you need a full custom installation, an existing renovation, or a solution that builds over time, Procom can oversee your entire project or collaborate with home improvement and building professionals. We partner with many manufacturers within custom installation industry and will always recommend the best products for your requirements and budget.

End-to-End Solutions

Procom is one of the only custom technology and information solutions providers that can offer you one point-of-contact and effective end-to-end services. Not only will we do all the legwork for you in helping to find exactly what you need for your project(s), we will install it, maintain it, and keep you abreast of ever-changing technological updates and advancements to continuously improve your system as needed.

Why spend valuable time and money shopping around for multiple vendors when you can work with ONE trusted custom technology advisor who truly has your best interests at heart?

Business Technology Innovation

When running a business, you have enough to worry about. Issues such as security systems, energy and light control, access control, etc. should be “automatic”. Procom, a leader in business automation and security and surveillance systems is committed to providing you with everything you need to integrate and maximize the use of innovative technologies within your business and keep it secure.

Conveniently located in Elk Grove Village, IL we offer consulting, sales, and custom installations of phone systems, alarms, audio, video, home theaters, lighting control, computer networking, security, energy management, and other automation related solutions. Our technology consultants will sit down with you every step of the way to ensure that we determine the right solutions you need to run your business safer, smarter and more efficiently.

Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television Systems

As one of the leaders in loss prevention products and services, Procom can provide you with a complete range of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), security and surveillance solutions to help you keep an eye on your business, even when you’re away. CCTV surveillance systems produce high quality, exceptionally sharp color images, and have motion sensors that track movement across an area. Additionally, they have the ability to recall events in real time at an accurate date and provide information that may lead to the detection of criminal activities.

DVR Systems

A CCTV DVR system exceeds previous video recording options in many aspects, as its multitude of advanced features enable it to offer a wider range of services including significantly more freedom in recording. Video searches by date, time, event and camera are other examples of the DVR’s capabilities. Procom helps customers deliver effective PC-based or stand-alone DVR solutions that offer measurable value and reduce business risk. Our systems allow you to watch security cameras and monitor your store, office, restaurant, or warehouse remotely – from anywhere you are via computer.

Burglary and Fire Alarms

As a licensed provider, Procom offers security systems that serve both a single purpose of burglary or fire protection as well as combination systems that provide both fire and intrusion protection. In an emergency situation, Procom’s alarm system is designed to alert you to a specific danger often by indicating the opening of a door or window or detecting motion via an infrared beam and can get you the help you need by dialing a central station that are supervised 24 hours a day. Our systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs.

Access Control Systems

Procom will work with you to create a customized access control system to protect all areas and buildings or only select ones – keeping unauthorized people out of restricted areas yet allowing authorized users to pass through We let you focus on your business while we focus on making sure it is safe and secure. Your system will be totally customized, sized, and configured to meet your requirements. Our goal is make you feel confident that you have solid security for your facility, employees, and assets.

Phone Systems

As a result of today’s economy, more and more businesses are making the move to new phone systems that save on costs and increase productivity. Procom will sit down with you to help your company understand the bigger picture of a phone system installation and focus on the features that will be most important when the phone system is up and running. Once we have developed a customized solution that’s right for you, Procom will not only secure the products for you, we will install the system as well.

IT Consulting

When beginning any IT project, issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture and speed of performance are just a few of the criteria that must be evaluated. Procom’s team of network experts can assist you from start to finish with all your network integration needs. We have significant experience with network installation and administration and will help you plan, implement, and maintain the health and productivity of your network. Additionally, we will assist you in assessing your current needs in relation to future growth so you get the best network possible for your site.

Complete Home Automation Solutions

About Procom’s Home Automation Solutions

Home automation provides homeowners with the ability to enhance their lifestyles by integrating everyday home systems (lighting, temperature control, audio/visual, etc.) into one unified, integrated solution. By bringing technologies together that have traditionally been controlled individually, you can create a home that is not only comfortable and convenient, but intelligent and efficient as well.

Procom specializes in complete home automation including lighting control, home theatre, temperature control, audio visual distribution, energy-saving HVAC control, and digital security systems. We offer tailored automation and integration solutions by sitting down personally with each client and developing a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Security and CCTV Systems

Whether you’re home alone or with your family or if you’re away on business, vacation, etc. you want the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe and secure. Procom’s Security and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems use state of the art technology to allow you to completely monitor your home and its perimeter to provide you with a real sense of security. We provide prewiring services for traditional security alarm systems as well as video camera installation, digital video surveillance recording, and even remote camera access through the internet. High-speed dome cameras can be strategically installed enabling you to patrol your home and zoom in on intruders automatically.

Lighting Control

Name one household in America that has never applied the concept of “mood lighting” whether it be for the perfect dining experience, to create a relaxing evening in, or even to conserve on energy. Procom enables you to apply this same philosophy to your entire home by incorporating intelligent lighting that allows you to set the “mood” at the touch of button. We can design lighting control for a single room or a whole house solution, giving you total control of your home. Intelligent lighting controls with preset levels can be specified which detect when you arrive home from work, when you’re going to bed, or when you’re out of town for example. Plus, an added benefit of using a combination of lighting controls and high efficiency fittings is the ability to significantly reduce energy usage and save money.

Energy Control (HVAC Control)

Imagine having the capability of being able to adjust your thermostat while you’re at work, away on vacation, etc. Procom’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) solutions can be integrated into a home automation system and controlled with the touch of a button from both inside your home as well as when you’re away. In fact, our energy smart systems can help cut your energy costs by more than 25%, ultimately paying for itself.

Dedicated Home Theatres

With the advent of digital technology, it is now possible to fully enjoy a true cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. Procom has access to the latest home theatre equipment from the major brands in the industry including Klipsch Audio, Auralex Acoustics, Sony, Control4, Crestron and Vantage Controls to name a few. This enables us to fully integrate a system into your home, which will be seamless and deliver superb performance – from a la carte electronics, acoustic treatments, and interior design services to a simple home cinema installation.

Multi-Room Audio/Visual Distribution

Add to the ambiance of your home and enjoy the convenience of filling a room or your entire house with music, pictures, and/or video signals. Procom’s A/V distribution systems offer simplicity yet superb hi-fi sound and clear video solutions. Using the latest speaker, imaging and network technologies, a fully integrated audio/video distribution system can be discreetly installed, exceeding the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

Communications Systems

Not only can Procom create solutions that enable homeowners to communicate directly between rooms or via whole house broadcast through intercom stations located in each room, our team of experts will design the ultimate network to integrate audio, video, phones, and other communications-based products.

The Company We Keep

Procom’s Integrated Partner List

Because we pride ourselves on being an end-to-end solutions provider for our clients, we take strict measures in selecting leading electronics, security, and automation companies to partner with. Therefore, we choose to work with vendors that have garnered a solid reputation in their respective industries. Below is a list of the integrated partners we work with:

  • APC - American Power Conversion Corporation
  • Auralex Acoustics - Total Sound Control
  • Azalya Networks - Wireless Networks Anytime, Anywhere
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. - Worldwide Leader in Networking Technologies
  • Control4 - Automation Products
  • Crestron - Advanced Commercial Control Systems and Home Automation
  • Dell - Servers and Workstations Computer Systems
  • Exacq Technologies - IP Video Survaillance Solutions
  • UTC / GE Home Technologies - Residential Technologies Systems
  • UTC / GE Security - Security, Safety and Lifestyle Enhancements.
  • Home Automation. Inc. - Integrated Automation and Security Systems
  • Integra - Custom Hi-End Audio Solutions
  • Intel Corporation - Advanced Processor Technologies
  • Klipsch Audio - Premium Speakers Manufacturer
  • Lutron – Manufacturer of Lighting Control Systems
  • Microsoft - World Leader in Computer Software
  • Middle Atlantic Corp. - Manufacturer of Racks and Enclosures
  • OmniMount - Mounting Solutions Manufacturer
  • Panamax - Power Management Products
  • Panasonic - World Leader in Electronic Products
  • Pelco Products, Inc. - World Leader in Video and Security Systems
  • Remote Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of Control Solutions
  • Samsung - – World Leader in Electronics Products
  • Somfy - Motorization Products
  • Sony Electronics – World Leader in Electronics Products
  • SpeakerCraft - Custom Speaker Systems
  • Vantage Controls - Controls Systems for Luxury Homes

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Procom’s Commercial Client List

Procom provides custom designed business automation and security and surveillance systems for a diverse number of clients. Some of the most successful Chicagoland companies rely on Procom’s solutions to help run a safer, smarter, and more efficient organization. Below are just some examples of customer success.

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