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A Pro is the way to go

When designed and installed properly by a trained, knowledgeable technician, an automation system can perform some amazing feats.

Much like electricity, plumbing, and heating and cooling, a complete smart home is not a DIY project. With individual “smart” products that are added to your home, the more complexity you will introduce because they simply don’t talk or listen to one another. In order to get a seamless, fully integrated smart home system, you’ll want to hire an experienced and well-trained installer. Professionals give you confidence that your system is expertly designed, functions on a robust network, and features personalized experiences in tune with how you live.

Why hire a Pro?

Having your system professionally installed means you’re getting dealers with years of experience, hands-on training, and access to our award-winning tech support team. They are armed with the knowledge that delivers on your smart home dream.

Tailored for You

Missing from a DIY system will be the customization and scalability you get from a professionally installed home automation system. A professionally installed smart home system is tailored to perform precisely the way you want it to. Then after the initial install, personalization gives you the power to change or modify your system as desired. You can adjust and fine-tune many of the features of your system to match exactly what you need without the help of a dealer.

Reliability guaranteed

Even though your home automation system is built to last, from time to time, technology needs a little extra TLC or updating to stay fresh and always work reliably. The wireless network in your home might need to be tweaked or a wire may need to be routed to an area that’s difficult to reach. A pro has the tools, knowledge, and training to guarantee that your home automation system will perform optimally. And should you ever run into a glitch—even months or years after the system has been installed—a pro is there to help.

Get inspired

When turning your home into a smart home, it’s important to work with someone with experience who can help you discover the best solution and possibilities in your own home. Shop around and see what dealers offer a showroom or the ability to see previous projects so you can gather inspiration and confidence. Incorporated into our showroom are working examples of home technology, which have been made to look and function just like spaces in your own home. This paints a vivid and realistic picture of what it’s like to live with and benefit from home automation.

Get the most out of your visit

Even before you step foot into our showroom, you can begin to identify some of your smart home goals and the features you and your family will benefit from. Simply fill "Planning Guide" form below, print it out, and bring it along with you to discuss with our home technology consultant.

Planning Guide

A Control4 automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to automate a single room or you are designing your dream home, this questionnaire will help you identify the automation features that you will enjoy and use regularly. Take a few moments to explore the possibilities of the home automation system.

    About your goals

    What do you want to achieve with your automation project?

    What do you want to control?

    Home theater/entertainment

    I would like to control all of my devices with a single remoteI would like the remote to also control other functions in the home (lights, temp, shades, security)I would like to be able to control my TV from my smartphone or tablet deviceI would like the TV show/movie to pause automatically if the doorbell ringsI would like to be able to access media from the cloud to stream movies or TV shows

    Whole house audio

    I would like to be able to listen to music from anywhere in my home or businessThere will be multiple people listening to varying music in different rooms at the same timeI would like to be able to control my music from a touch screen interfaceI would like to be able to stream music directly from my phone throughout my Control4 systemI would like to be able to access music from the cloud (Rhapsody, TuneIn, Pandora, etc.)


    I would like to have all of my lights turn off with one button pressI would like to have my lights dim automatically when a movie is startedI would like to have my shades or blinds controlled with my same lighting controlsI would like certain lights to be controlled automatically based on time of dayI would like to control my lights from my smartphone or tablet device

    Comfort (heating and cooling)

    I would like to be able to control my thermostat from any device with my Control4 systemI would like to control my gas fireplace and tie it into my HVAC systemI would like to put my house into 'Vacation' mode with one button, saving me energy while I'm awayI would like my shades to raise and lower automatically, based on time of day, to conserve energyI would like my thermostat to set my house to the perfect temperature as I wake up every morning

    Security and monitoring

    I would like to control my alarm system through my Control4 systemI would like automated door locks that automatically lock and unlock with my security codeI would like cameras tied into my Control4 system for secure monitoring and controlI would like to receive an alert on my phone if my garage door is left openedI would like to be able to check on and control my home from anywhere


    I would like to communicate with people in different rooms through an intercomI would like to be able to see who is at the front door and speak with them over the intercomI would like to receive an alert if my house detects a water leakI would like to receive an alert when my front door/garage door is openedI would like to receive an alert if my smoke detector battery is low

    Contact information

    About your project

    What type of automation project are you planning?

    New home constructionRemodel of an existing homeRetrofit of an existing homeBusinessOther

    What is the square footage of your property?

    What is the approximate value of your property?

    What is your time frame to begin your automation project?

    Within 30 daysWithin 31-90 daysWithin 4-6 monthsWithin 7-12 monthsMore than 12 months

    What is your estimated budget for your automation project?

    Less than $5kBetween $5k and $20kMore than $20k

    What spaces are involved in your automation project?

    Whole HomeKitchenBedroom(s)Family roomHome theaterOutdoorGarageBusinessOther

    Contact Information

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