Your dream project

designed and installed by us

Procom welcomes you to a whole new world of luxury. Envision a life where at the press of a button your environment is at your command. Lights dim, shades drop and your mood calms. Crisp high-quality music streams throughout the entire home or just the room you want. Select a temperature icon and manually adjust the heat or allow your system to adjust automatically.


It’s what you expect from your home technology.
Elevate your home security while making a sleek statement on your wall with an ultra-intuitive, large touchscreen that makes smart home security and controls easy. Paired with fully encrypted sensors that can’t be disabled or taken over, further improves the peace of mind and trusted reliability of your home.
Out and about and not sure you locked the door or armed your system?
Check remotely with your smartphone. Wondering if your kids are home from school? Receive notifications on your smartphone when the system disarms. Peace of mind and more from your security system.


With customizable daily notifications.
When a visitor arrives, see and talk to them from an easy-to-use app, choose to let them in either the front door or the garage, all while watching on the camera. Receive notifications when service personnel use their lock codes to access your home. Always know the status of your garage doors and receive alerts when the garage door is left open.
Your doorbell will even turn on your porch light at night.


A surveillance solution for your home.
Focus your outdoor cameras on the swimming pool, driveway shed, or play area - anywhere that video monitoring can be a valuable source of information and reassurance. When you want to check-in, you can take a live look using any internet-connected smart device.

Place indoor cameras in specific areas that you want to monitor, such as the front door, nursery, playroom, pet space, or any other area of interest. Procom will easily integrate these cameras with your security systems and you’ll receive notifications upon detection of certain types of video events.


Even when you are not there.
Manage your home’s lights, locks, thermostats, shades, and garage door all from a mounted touchscreen panel or any internet-connected smart device. Whether you’re across the room or across the country the latest and greatest technology helps you stay connected and in control.
It’s simple to create energy-efficient schedules, customize event-triggered light automation and even manage door lock status. When you sync your home automation to your security system, just by locking the front door you can automatically arm your security system, turn off your lights, lower the shades and adjust your thermostat to an energy-saving level.


Party, relax, and enjoy.
Whatever your dream recreation space is, we can bring it to life. Multiple flat-panel TVs for a perfect Sunday spent watching football? We got you covered. A drop-down projection screen for movie nights? No problem. A place to shoot pool and listen to your favorite tunes? You got it.
However, you want to spend time in your new home whether it's entertaining or relaxing... or both, we will build a media room that’s a perfect fit.


From the comfort of your home.
Every aspect of the room is precisely engineered to provide maximum enjoyment. High definition projectors and large screens bring your movie to life. Meticulously-designed speakers and subwoofers produce realistic, room-filling audio. Bring it all together with a few ultra comfortable theater seats or sofas and let the show begin!


Entertainment and control in the great outdoors.
No speakers are visible yet crystal-clear audio fills the air. Your backyard oasis instantly becomes a hotspot for entertainment and fellowship. Or kick back and relax to your favorite mellow tunes as you lay by the pool. Either way, this is outdoor living at its finest.


Always-ON and always secure.
A secure, stable and fast internet connection is no longer an option, it is essential. Open a world of possibilities with reliable, out-of-view hard wiring for your data, audio and video needs. Sometimes it’s the things you won’t see that end up having the most impact in your home - like a top-grade Wi-Fi system and hard wiring that will mean you don’t have to worry about bandwidth, loss of connectivity or streaming speed.

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